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Every once in a while, a job comes along with the opportunity to positively affect millions in the developer community. If you care deeply about improving the daily life of your fellow developers, then this is the job you may have been dreaming about!

Culturally, our team is dedicated to a growth mindset, with an eye to keeping pace with the changing needs of our diverse set of customers. We work closely with the Developer community and are always looking for opportunities to help them be more effective.

In addition, we provide them early and frequent previews so that they can be contributors to the design, development, and evolution of our tools. We are a team that supports each other and values communication with each other, valuing diverse perspectives as we collaborate deeply with other teams in the company. All of this leads to the production of creative solutions that are simple yet elegant and performant.

This role provides many growths and learning opportunities, given the strong demand from our customers for creative testing and build tools that enable them to build and test early, easily, quickly and at scale. And looking forward, we have our eye on leveraging the cloud to provide even more utility for build and unit testing in Visual Studio. Are you intrigued by all of this? Well, then, you’ve already met the most critical requirement for this job!


Building and delivering high-quality software quickly is an obstacle that developers face daily. Extending on the achievements of Visual Studio IDE that are already enjoyed by millions of developers, the .NET Developer Tooling team is increasing our investment in the following areas:

Unit Testing tools team’s role in Visual Studio is to make software testing a delightful and low-cost experience that helps developers produce quality software, allowing them, in turn, to deliver the best possible software to their own customers. We believe that if a customer’s goal is to build and deliver software, then our tools should be available to them to ensure that software is of the highest quality, irrespective of the type of application they are building, including (but not limited to) web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, device applications, cloud services, client pieces, and server pieces.

The .NET CLI/SDK and MSBuild team’s role is to make building .NET and other project types across Visual Studio, Visual Studio for Mac, VSCode and the command line a productive and streamlined experience. We enable a unified build experience across Windows, OSX, and Linux with a common toolset for all these platforms. This is realized by using MSBuild as the center of our build experience and by using the .NET Core SDK to implement a common interface that developers can rely on, not only when working through the command line, but also through an IDE.


Detail-oriented design, coding, debugging and problem-solving skills
Ability to quickly learn new technologies and efficiently collaborate with partners to deliver outstanding results.
Experience in using telemetry for data-driven development would be very useful

Experience Requirements

3+ years of experience programming and unit testing commercial software in one of the following programming languages – C++, C#, F#, VB.NET or Java

Education Requirements

Software Engineering or Computer Science degree, and your specialty is software design, coding and testing


Good written and verbal communication skills
Strong empathy for customers and drive to learn from them
Willingness to deep dive in technology and the ability to zoom out to frame the big picture

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